In-kind donors generously donate RTTB with materials needed for our projects. We will provide you with the list of materials needed to improve the homes of those in need. From making homes safer, healthier and more energy efficient to large projects such as roof replacement, window replacement and HVAC systems. You can always contribute to our efforts.

Data shows that in our most recent installations, we were able to help homeowners and tenants in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood save an average of $90 in energy bills. The Door Air Blown test allow us to expand the life of the AC system to about 2 years; we have reduced the number of falls and contributed to fire escape solutions by installing either hardwired or 10-year lithium batteries smoke alarms in all homes served.

In-kind donations can be in the form of supplies or by providing gift cards from a Large Hardware Stores.

If you are interested in donating any items on one of these lists or have a question about donating an item not on these lists, please contact us. For more information on how to take advantage of this program, click here to contact us.