On Christmas morning, Coretta and her family faced an unexpected turn of events as their home became engulfed in flames, shattering the joyous atmosphere and leaving them grappling with the devastation of the fire’s aftermath. Stripped of their home and belongings, they now faced the task of rebuilding their lives from scratch. With their home reduced to ashes, Coretta, a devoted wife and mother to three sons, including energetic 3-year-old twins and a 16-year-old, need our assistance to begin the process to rebuild her family’s home. The damage to their home is extensive, requiring structural engineering, mechanical and architectual drawings. Additionally, the home’s cast iron plumbing lines must be removed and updated to current code. The roof trusses also need replacement, and all interiors must be redone and brought up to code. The estimated cost for thesr repairs is $200,000.

Coretta and her family need your help.

We hope you will consider supporting us so we can support Coretta and her family.
Without your help, a family with young children will be left without a safe place to call home.

Coretta’s family home, once a place of warmth and laughter, was ravaged by flame on Christmas morning, leaving behind charred remnants and shattered memories.

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