A veteran and survivor of the USS Iowa Battleship explosion

Ernest is a Navy veteran and also a survivor of the USS Iowa Battleship explosion of 1989. In 2018, Ernest’s home, previously owned by his late grandmother, sustained substantial damage due to an electrical fire that started from a charging cell phone. Ernest’s home is in need of extensive repairs. Though currently there is running water to the home, there has not been electricity for the past 4 years. What was not destroyed by the fire was damaged by the smoke. With nowhere else to go, Ernest often relies on family and friends for short respites. Sometimes he uses his disability check to stay at hotels.

Ernest needs your help.

We hope you will consider supporting us so we can support Ernest. Without your help, a veteran, who nearly sacrificed his life for our country, has been left to deteriorating living conditions. We want to help Ernest and we know you do too. With your help and generosity, we can assure that our neighbor is safe in his home. Your help is urgently needed. We hope you consider joining us on our journey to help Ernest rebuild his home.

Much of Ernest’s memorabilia from his time in the service was taken in the fire. This photo is one thing that remains.

Ernest does not have working electricity or a usable kitchen.

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