• Measuring Our Impact

Rebuilding Together originally embarked on a multi-year, multi-phase outcome evaluation plan in 2019 to try and fully understand the impact of our work on the health, safety, well-being and financial status of the residents and communities we serve. After the pilot study, which involved almost 100 neighbors, Rebuilding Together continued work with the external evaluator to produce a 2020-2021 Impact Measurement survey and found the following:

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Rebuilding Together Broward County works to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the lives of low-income homeowners and neighborhoods in need. However, we can only achieve this goal by partnering with key stakeholders to make a collective impact. Whether you are a corporation that wants to make an difference, a nonprofit/church that wants to partner or a volunteer that would like to invest knowledge and skills to impact the lives of low income homeowners; we are the avenue to help you bring about real change. Make a difference Today!