Together, we are making a lasting impact in our community

In partnership with the community, our primary goal is to eliminate unsafe and deplorable living conditions for low-income homeowners who are elderly, veterans, and/or have disabilities. Our impact extends beyond the individuals served to revitalize and stabilize vulnerable neighborhoods and communities across the county.

A collective effort to impact our community

Every Rebuilding Together Broward project is a product of collaboration. For each project, Rebuilding Together recruits skilled labor, materials, and volunteers at a discounted rate or no cost.

Each year we work with more than 1,000 volunteers, skilled trades persons and companies who help us provide health, safety and quality of life enhancements for more than 70 families and homes.

Since our inception, Rebuilding Together Broward has made immediate, long-term, and significant health and safety repairs to nearly 500 homes, changing the lives of more than 1,200 individuals. The retail value of Rebuilding Together services is estimated at more than $4,000,000 based on financial donations, volunteer labor, and donated materials and supplies offered by dozens of local businesses and companies.


Made health and safety repairs on a total of 463 Homes, including 426 Senior homes

190+ Volunteers worked totaling 1,130+ Volunteer Hrs

Significantly improved 60 veteran homes

We did 5 Block Rebuilds and worked on 69 Homes

We helped 3 NPO with improvements to their facilities

Make an impact in your community today! 

Rebuilding Together Broward County works to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the lives of low-income homeowners and neighborhoods in need. However, we can only achieve this goal by partnering with key stakeholders to make a collective impact. Whether you are a corporation that wants to make an difference, a nonprofit/church that wants to partner or a volunteer that would like to invest knowledge and skills to impact the lives of low income homeowners; we are the avenue to help you bring about real change. Make a difference Today!